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Give your Crowdfunding a boost

Automatically top-up perks count when it is running out.

Find similar campaigns for cross promotion and more.

Better power with Slack and HubSpot Integrations.

Drive referrals and contributions.

Automatic top-ups every minute

Auto top-up will complete regular checks of your perks, and will top-up if they are running out.


Market Research

Help your crowdfunding campaign win with Advanced Search.


Slack Integration

Get Indiegogo notifications in Slack.


Auto Top-ups

Always have few perks remaining.


HubSpot integraiotn

Send your contribution Data to HubSpot automatically.

Advanced Search

You’ll find over a dozen different ways to search Indiegogo's huge data of campaigns.

slack integration

The Slack integration is here!

Get Slack notifications immediately. Your support team will never miss any comment to your campaign, always be notified about new contributions!